Whack No Hand

Why don't you join the Whack No Hand online game. Definitely with this brainstorming game you will find it extremely interesting. You will overcome difficult challenges. You will be trained more skills when joining this game. Surprise things await you. What are you waiting for? Accept difficulties and challenges to make yourself more mature. Your task is very simple. To win this game, you need to know the rules of this game.

Whack No Hand is an interesting game in which players need to help your pirates leave with all his fingers unaffected. Click on the right time and go for the best score. Join us to show your high score. The knife will move quickly on pirate hands. You will need to look very precisely to press the knife into the slots of the finger. If you hit the right slot of the finger and do not cause bloodshed, you will earn points. If you hit the finger, there will be bloodshed and you will not score. Have fun!

Very interesting game. You will have the opportunity to practice your accurate visual and manipulation skills. You will not hit the pirate's hands but only threaten the terror. Control the knife accurately to get more points. The knife will move faster and requires you to stretch your brain to complete your task.

With vivid graphic design, you will have the opportunity to participate in dangerous challenges but quite interesting. Invite your friends to join the game and don't forget to share the fun in this game with them. Don't miss the chance to discover some other exciting games like Grumpy Cat Runner and Vex 4 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse