They Are Coming

They Are Coming is the latest game at kizi online in which you are being chased by a group of crazy enemies. They want to catch you and take your life. To keep yourself safe, you run forward and grab a gun to fight against them. Your main objective is to reach the finish line. However, you have to defeat every single enemy. You auto-run ahead and when you grab the gun, you can shoot enemies.

However, this gun will disappear after a few seconds but don’t worry because there are more guns for you to pick up. You won’t lose if you cross the finish line and there are still some enemies left because you still have a cannon at the end. You have to replay a level only when you can’t defeat enemies with that cannon. Only one enemy survives and you have to restart that level.

As you level up, the game becomes more challenging as you have to deal with so many deadly obstacles. If you crash into one of those obstacles, you won’t die. However, enemies will catch up with you. Then, try to avoid obstacles at all costs. With each successful level, you will get some coins and you can use coins to unlock new skins in the store. These skins won’t boost you up but it makes you look better in your escaping journey.

This game is super simple but insanely addicting. It will keep you hooked for hours. Let’s see how much time you need to pass all levels of this game. Check it out now and why don’t you give other games a try? There are so many fun games on our site. You can search your favorite ones by name or browse through each category and here are our suggestions for you Sword Master 3D and Super Count Masters.

Instruction to play

Slide to move left and right.