Zombie Killer Truck Driving

On Halloween night, you drive a monster truck to find the way home, on the road, there are lots of zombies, drive the monster truck to the zombies, collect money on the way to upgrade the monster truck for a friend. Do not miss the opportunity to discover the online game Zombie Killer Truck Driving at kizi 2 player racing games. What are you waiting for? Let's start to explore new challenges in this game. Driving a monster car is not easy on uneven roads.

There are climbing sections that are prone to overturn and accidents. You will need to carefully adjust your speed and uphill techniques to reach safe passages. On those dangerous journeys, you will have many big bags of money. Take all that money to become rich. When you get rich, you will exchange money for larger, more modern trucks to make it easier to cross the slope. You will become so strong when you do not feel scared when meeting zombies.

Balance your car and plunge down the zombies, they will be crushed under your wheels. To run away quickly through the cemetery you will have to drive fast but be safe, otherwise, the car will overturn and you will have to play again. With vivid graphic design, you will feel really scared when you step into the dark graveyard. But you have a lot of money to exchange for more modern cars.

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Instruction to play

AD or Left or Right Arrow Keys to rotate the vehicle.