Zombie Killing Spree

Zombie Killing Spree game is an action shooting one-player game that you can play here on free online kizi Games. You control the movement of your soldier and he fires automatically to kill zombies attacking you. You have to discover the zombies buy keep your soldier moving and out of arms reach otherwise the zombies will damage you! 

Your character uses a machine gun to shoot enemies. The battleground is not large, so you don’t have to move too much. At the end of each level, you must select from one of three different upgrades - each upgrade will improve your character in a different way so choose carefully. You can upgrade his movement speed, health or ammo capacity for example. As you progress the levels become harder and you will encounter more zombies! Watch your reload times and don't get stuck in a corner! Can you complete every level and eliminate the zombies?

You are heartedly welcomed to send opinions. Assess this game by giving stars and recommend it to buddies. Enjoy Gun Battle Royable and  Bottle Flip Challenge. Much time!

Instruction to play

You shoot automatically, use left mouse button to determine a moving position.