Interstellar Run

The run that the kids will explore in Interstellar Run will be one of the most challenging ever due to the large number of objects that will play as your obstacles. We recommend that you take a taste of this game if you are the type that would go for a complicated and elaborated arcade game. The goal is to steer clear of any obstacles that prevent your mission from getting to the end of this beautiful tunnel in space.

In order to do so, dodge the holes that will suck your character. While running on the rotating platform, look out for the guide and tips from other players to know where you should move. Jump on time so that you can make it to another block without being tripped or being shot by the exposed laser beams. There are a lot of newly-added dangers in this game to make it more complicated when you progress further, but stay focused and keep a steady hand to win the game.

Top-scored kids of all ages will be on the list of Leaderboard with their best record! Like any other arcade game, you will only have a limited number of lives in this one, which means that once you run out of it, the game is over. We are looking forward to the most advanced players who can gain lots of knowledge and experience through this game. Through the turns, make sure that you keep the balance to avoid being sucked into the black hole and keep the high score collected so far.

Countless games like Island Puzzle will bring the best game time to you and your group of friends, therefore, take a look and have a blast with them any time now at! Instructions: Move the character through black holes using the arrow keys or A and D keys.

Instruction to play