Fireman Jet

There was a very loud fire. They desperately needed firefighters to help them. Do you want to be a useful firefighter? Get ready for a Fireman Jet online game at Kizi 2. You will practice firefighting in a tall building. The work is quite dangerous. Are you willing to accept the challenge and danger to start this game?

You will completely feel so happy and enjoy playing this game. We will feel excited together when the fire brigade can fly high. What is your mission? Join us to find out the rules of this game. Consider that the resolution is tailored for mobile and PC. Put out the fire and rescue people and pets. The more fire you put in, the higher your score will be. Collect coins as you soar into the sky to save buildings from burning.

Use your coins to unlock new skins. Imagine yourself as a fireman. Sell ​​will be swing high up and use the cannon to extinguish the fires in high-rise buildings. You will swing left, swing right to extinguish the fire. You need to keep your balance so you can return safely. If you do not balance you will fall below and there will be a dangerous accident. Would you like to start those dangerous surprise missions? Start with great things for society. Would you like to get started now?

Vivid graphic design, you will challenge yourself with real fires. The fireman is so adorable when he flies high to put out the fire. Enjoy the fun of participating in Fireman Jet online game. It's great if you join some other game similar to Cat Wizard Defense 

Instruction to play

Use arrow keys Or touch the screen to scroll left, right, and up. and on mobile, tap on the right and left sides of the screen.